Link: The (Heavy) Carbon Footprint Of Our Virtual Life

Interested in how Bitcoin, NFTs, and Streaming Media affect our physical world, check out this conversation moderated by Régine Debatty of the blog, We Make Money Not Art (I’ve been following this blog for over a decade and always amazed by its quality and output — cm ).

The conversation will look at how the concerns about digital technologies’ carbon footprint have been sidelined by the COVID-19 outbreak. Most of us are glad that we can continue working together over online spreadsheets. At the same time, many enjoy a bit of Netflix every day, have Zoom parties, or wonder how to get rich with NFTs; the energy and natural resources consumed by our digital life are left undiscussed. Some of the questions raised during the panel include: What is the environmental cost of WFH (working from home)? Can digital technology ever be sustainable? Which strategies do artists use to make the carbon footprint of the virtual world visible and even tangible? How can we, citizens and users of technology, use digital tools in a more »frugal« way?