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October 2022

Volume 16: It's Just Another Tritone
Nerding out in the Music Factory

September 2022

This modern era of GPU-accelerated AI applications have their benefits. Pulling useful information out of mountains of raw data, alerting users to…
Via Swiss Miss
Herbie Demonstrates the Fairlight CMI Synthesizer by sampling young Tatyiana Ali a decade before she became Ashley on Fresh Prince of Bell Aire.
Confusion Continues

August 2022

Requires full Retail Kontakt
NAMM 2018, Thomas Dolby took the stage to talk about his biggest hit and how it all came together.
As noted by former Keyboard Magazine editor Jim Aikin, BreakTweaker is now on sale for $10 at Plugin Boutique…
Free for a limited time. Normally an $80 plug-in, now on sale for half-off, if you go to Waves homepage…or free if you go to the link provided by the…
I’ve purchased a few libraries from 8DIO over the years and have always been amazed by the quality. These are no different…just smaller libraries that…