Volume 8: July 9, 2021
The Volume 7 Supplement. June 9, 2021
Volume 7: June 7, 2021
Ever looking for earthly inspirations of noise to sample? More at Kottke.org: https://kottke.org/21/05/the-otherworldly-sounds-of-ice
Stolen from Science diagrams that look like s**tposts
Interested in how Bitcoin, NFTs, and Streaming Media affect our physical world, check out this conversation moderated by Régine Debatty of the blog, We…
Delia DerbyshireGreat video of an early electronic pioneer, best known for her arrangement of the Dr. Who theme in the ‘60s.
Volume 6: April 12, 2021
Volume 5: February 14, 2021
Volume 4: February 6, 2021
What Tech Are You Using In Your StudioI’ve entered the world of programmable macro keyboards to automate my studio. What are you doing to make your studio more efficient?