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Hi Clif, just found your list as I never thought to google Sonikmatter until last night (nostalgia moment and then voila).

I have two Granddaughters now! Two years / first and three months / second!

Regarding the K2700, no sampler and no graphical sample editor. Not interested presently and will stay on K2600 which of course has a sampler, a functioning loop editor and associated DSP.

Tuned my own piano twice now (Tunelab on phone) using a nice but affordable nylon handle tuning hammer from Howard Piano Industries

Very sorry to read of your surgery and hope all is well with you.


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Hi Clif, happy to see you and Sonimatter back!

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Hey Clif, Good to see the Sonik banner once again :) looking forward to more.

All the best (from an artist who used to call himself Q on the old Sonik but that name isnt so cool now, lol)


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Re : Arp 2600 Korg remake. I would love to buy one of the full sized ones if I had 4 grand to be declaratory with. That synth was part of my backline in the aforementioned "Meadow live". I've always loved that synth. It sounds nothing like Moog. It's unique. The portamento is exponential. I always wished it had a linear option (like my EMU modular though).

I wrote the Electronic Music curriculum when I was in my last year of undergrad at Western Kentucky University and stayed on one semester post Graduation as adjunct faculty to teach the class. They bought a 2600, the companion Arp Sequencer and a Revox tape machine. Those were the days.

I visited a friend attending Carnegie Mellon in 73 who surprised me with tickets that night for Weather Report (Miroslav Vitous on bass then). Somehow we ended up slipping into their dressing room just before security closed the door. (Joe Zawinul immediately pulled out a small pipe and started smoking up by himself). Later, I followed him while he was on stage packing his own stuff up and said to him, "Joe, maybe you should get a second 2600 so you wouldn't have to repatch so much?" He turned around and said "Yeah, I should do that".

Coincidence that Joe had two 2600's on future tours?

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