I'm excited about my Grandchildren!

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Q.What was your favorite gig last year?

A. I don't foresee ever playing live again until this country complies with vaccination and booster guidelines. Plus too old to carry my stuff or care...

Q.Who are your favorite new artists of the previous year?

A. I'm out of the loop on this totally.

Q. Did you buy any new instruments?

No. I did buy a Motu M4 though.

Q. Did you write any new songs?

A. No. I have been correcting and realizing to sound my 79 MM dissertation piece as I had never heard a note of it before.

I despised Grad School so this has been rather cathartic for me. (12 tone - requirement) chamber work. I'm quite pleasantly surprised hearing it so far.

My Composition Professor told me back then "I was either 20 years ahead of my time or I had no talent whatsoever". (He's dead now)...


(You may or may not recall that Saul2600 pronounced out of the blue one day to all of Sonik that in his opinion I invented Trance (of all things) in 1974 when I did "Edge Of The Meadow Live" at Theatre Project - Baltimore).

I was amused. I liked Saul. Who needs a PR department? :>)

Q. Any new patches to share?

No. Besides 99% of shared patches I ever tried were, well, horrible.


(I thought someone should answer your questions so I stepped up!).



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Hah! This is awesome! I may have to fill in some of my own answers to these!

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